April 21, 2007

yesterday i went to see Cage 7, mma fights, with Tony, as planned. most fights were shit, one real good one between the giants, Miika Mehmet vs Toni Valtonen. the latter, apparently a hard core nazi, won :( but the fight was great, Miika showed a lot of heart, they were 2 raging bulls. then there were 2 semi-good ones, like the one between the swede and the fin, unfortunately i found myself cheering for the swede (Andre Mineras), he was simply better. he won. but i found most of the fights to be mismatched, they were over in less than a minute, easy. too easy.

Tony got himself a new tattoo, which the tattoo artist told me about the other when i was there, but now i saw it with my own eyes;

cristo redentor (christ the redeemer), as the monument looking over rio de janeiro.

this is from the Cage event.

and this is my tat, 4 days after. it looks a little twisted, as in 'not straight', but thats just my arm. its pretty neat in real. well but, 3rd time the charm, so lets hope this is now 'done' and over with. and to be honest it was getting pretty painful too, going over the same spot again and again...

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