April 20, 2007

another new day. yesterday i was busy, i am proud of how much i did, lots of cleaning up, the place looks totally different.

i forgot i was going to see Cage 7 tonight, with Tony. i screwed up, as i had also made plans to go shopping with him, after his hairdresser. he's getting summer hair :) i suggested cutting a bit shorter and maybe blonde highlights or such. we'll see. anyway so there is a change in plans, i'm so embarrassad i forgot the fight event. geez. and last night he stopped by and everything was fine until somehow (apparently i am to blame but nevertheless) we had a crisis in our hands. i think that being drunk emphasized my negative feelings and i created quite a scene. and now this, i feel like a major screwup.

i did some shoe inventory too and decided i have to throw some shoes away. one pair is too big and the other just doesn't fit and i just keep them thinking i'll use them later...and i never do. one was broken and one just so fuckin out of style, i never used them actually. i immortalized 2 of the pairs in photos.

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