April 19, 2007

lol. i later found another foundation that was set aside from others, hidden really. apparently i've found it too dark before. a Chanel, 2nd lightest in that range. sad to say but i think it'll fit me perfectly now. i mean thats what i was hoping to find, a matching foundation, but that i'm not the palest of the pale anymore... the reality is so tough *whines*

the best video in the world. serious. i've watched it through many many times now. i wish i had a big TV on my wall and i could have this video on rotation, like a live piece of art. or better, a real live webcam from a bunneh farm such as this. the cuteness of the fluffballs totally kills me :S i wish that when i go to sleep my dreams were all one long bunneh video. and i was one of them.

TODAY is a new day. i feel really good. received some eBay stuff in the mail (Agent Provocateur eau emotionelle perfume and a Body Shop liquid eyeliner(...)). and its only 3:30pm so its still light. the best feeling ever, to wake up in your own bed, in silence (vague traffic sounds don't count - i don't care) and daylight is lighting up your home and there's no hurry, no commitments, no nothing. i do have a runny nose tho. thats an occasional problem since forever, no biggie, allergy pill helps altho no allergy has been detected to cause it. anyway, i plan to clean up a bit. i need a bit of caffein despite the good mood, i'm waiting it to kick in and then start the work :P

the other day i got a DVD from a friend, 'the best of 80's german porn' :D its all german, really weird, in a way the same as porn is nowadays but then again very different. christ the people are HAIRY! i doubt we've physically changed in 20 years, but its hard to imagine being that hairy without shaving. its like, the people with most pubic hair i've ever seen... and the porn, well, its just basic german, u know, but i think the acts have gotten longer since then, and less chit chat :) funky present :P

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