April 19, 2007

i should SO get a new make up foundation. since my goth years, which was a long ago but the shadow still haunts me, i haven't been so paranoid about getting tanned, and hence, have gotten a bit darker. well, i do like the porcelain skin tone, i'm just not obsessed with it anymore. and now that i went to Tenerife and just let myself tan... that was that. well, now i have been using my old foundations knowing that they're tad too light. the average idiot can't tell anyway. i now did an inventory of my liquid foundations and i was thinking i'd have something darker than i currently use. but no! i AM using all the darker shades. those are mainly the newest ones i got, too. which means, i've just been getting darker by the years! christ.

what i find amusing is that the whitest one is actually LancĂ´me. usually selective brands are so caught up in trends and 'mainstream', which means people who are or want to be tanned, that they don't have any really pale shades. but this one, whoa, i admit it was always too light for me. but during my pale-obsession period i didn't care, the paler the better, i was always shopping for the lightest possible shade available and whining when i couldn't find one light enough. the darkest shade is Chanel's lightest, and i've been using it for about 3 years now.

aaaand i need to go dye my hair now. black black black N:o 1 !

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