April 18, 2007

things are getting more relaxed and easier at work again. we recruited so many people in the past couple months i think the depatrtment doubled... and now its finally starting to show. so i'm back to normal, altho i barely remembered what it was anymore. surf the net and write emails. actually, thats whjat i do anyway, the difference is whether i actually have to work and talk with customers on the phone while doing these things.

also, the customer feedback turned out to be very positive, just slightly above the average actually. different aspects were evaluated by the customers and not surprisingly customer orientation was my weakest point (3,11 on a scale of 1 to4). however the rest were from 3,3 to 3,89.

russian presidential candidate Žirinovski says he'll return Vyborg to finland if he wins. fuck that, we don't want it back, you can keep what you stole and ruined, thanks a lot.

customer calls asking why their internet does not work. the modem does not reply to me when i ask for it in the network. i ask the customer which lights are blinking in the modem. "none, its not on, i turned the power off". hmm, now i wonder...

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