April 04, 2007

i took a big step today. someone wrote me e-mail and we need to discuss some photo stuff via phone, and for the first time ever, i gave my cell phone number. sure a few people had the number, but in a situation where i gave my number for a stranger to call me, probably just once, this is historical. i feel like i was giving up my virginity. my privacy will be violated. i considered it quite a while, but hell, i did decide to give up landline, i terminated the contract and i have time until end of june to get myself over this. i just have to get used to people calling me when i am somewhere else than home. i can turn the thing off, i know... what a hassle.

another pearl from tshirthell, i think this i have to get;

T-Shirt Hell :: Shirts :: uSHEEP

what? i need to go to work? gosh! [napoleon dynamite impersonation]

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