April 13, 2007

i took this in january when Mark and Fuss were here. she had to kneel on the snowy ground, well i put a plastic bag underneath but i bet it was cold. Mark used his pro-flashlight to light her and i sprayed blod and ripped her nightgown. and asked her to pray and beg. she did a good job, too.

i got busy shopping in eBay, but i'm happy i finished this photo, even if it didn't take time or effort, its that i was interested, i wanted to do it. i almost felt motivated and creative all of a sudden.

i did a major make up inventory too, its unbelievable how much stuff i have. but i found some lipsticks and glosses that may fit my style again, *me happy*. also i found a mini size Chanel Égoïste Platinum eau de toilette. one of my favorite scents for a man, ever. i always wanted to meet a (cool) guy who uses it. he just bought it from the tax free on our vacation. needless to say it makes me very happy to be with Égoïste :P

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