April 13, 2007

tribute to the wallet -post

my wallet has been with me probably just as long as my hair was. 15 years or so. and now i felt i could perhaps let go. it has loads of emotional value and i think i've kept it also just for the spite of it, its so broken down and ugly and that seems to shock people. when you have a nice make up and nice clothes and a nice purse and suddenly pull out a wallet like this, it can surprise even yourself...

bus card from 1995. school schedule from 1998. stamps from 1993. subway tickets from mexico. and so forth.

whats with wallet supposed to being leather, this non-leathery one held up just fine.

anyway. i bought this from eBay.

i've been thinking about this whole eBay thing. u can find all kinds of shit there, things you wouldn't find elsewhere or just cheaper perhaps. i lost my cK watch a few years ago in Canada and have been hunting for one alike ever since, i never bought a new watch because none other would do. but it was a discontinued model and even though i searched everwhere i didn't find it. and now i found someone selling one of those on eBay (i've checked earlier but without luck). and they're asking about 80 euros for it...not that it wasn't worth it, but upon finding it and gasping my breath...i realized i've grown to live without a watch. i don't need this watch anymore. plus now i'm finnishized and use my cellphone for everything, like checking the time. its kind of sad, i searched and waited and searched and now that i found it, it was too late. anyway, i was actually saying, that while u can find amazing things, a lot of the stuff is pretty ordinary, just slightly cheaper. lets think of buying a Body Shop eye liner. Body Shop probably charges about 8-9 euros for a pen. on eBay, you could find it for, say, 2.5 euros. the shipping is perhaps 3.5 euros. and altogether these make 6 euros. then theres the bidding and waiting. you find it today and the auction closed maybe tomorrow or the day after. u keep checking no one outbids you. then you finally get a notice, you won the item! you go and pay online, fairly easy. then you wait a week for the letter to arrive (thankfully pens are so small you don't need to go pick up the package anywhere). well, now you got the pen and life is sweet. you just saved yourself like, freakin 2 or 3 euros. 4 if lucky. but what is your time and energy worth? well i doubt everyone buys something that cheap and easy on eBay, i'd like to think we use it to find something special, rare or "really fuckin cheap". but seeing how you can save a euro here and there can lead to blindless, soon you're buying everything there, without questioning if it makes sense. i just noticed how that almost happened to me, thats how i got here.

i got a box in the mail today. Mark of course...sending me sweets and stuff like so many times before. he is the sweetest. also included was for example this energy drink :) cherry taste!

and this is what u need for that drink i've written about. all the ingredients. vodka, grenadine, liqueur 43, banana liqueur, coffee liqueur, fresh juice

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