April 26, 2007

i was cleaning the upper cupboards of my living room and found a couple trench coats stuffed in there. i guess at some point i didn't feel they fit my style exactly. i took the other, washed it and it's okay i guess. then he told me trench coats are actually 'IN' this spring. well, i'm riding the trendy wave now then.

i guess taking photos of the things i have to throw away makes me feel better? makes it easier. this is my favorite of my long leather jackets... but its too small, like from the shoulders and so...its never going to fit. too bad.

about hair products... the things is, i use salon products only. hmm, minus John Frieda. anyway, to be honest, i haven't proven a difference between those and market stuff. its hard because a difference will appear probably only after some time, and at that point you're used to how the hair feels and it may be hard to tell if there's a change. anyway, i used market shampoos and stuff when i was younger, and i had long hair and it was dyed black and down to my lower back and so forth. sometimes hairdressers or similar 'experts' would go 'wow' on my hair and wonder its good condition and ask me which shampoo brand i use. i told them L'oreal El Vital, which caused horrendous grins. yet the very reason they asked me was because the hair looked good and healthy, at that length. so i wonder? around 98 i started using salon products, i don't recall noticing a major difference, and the hair grew longer, below my ass, and the ends got dry, and there was nothing to cure that. and thats the way it stayed. i would still recommend salon products, just to be safe, but admittedly i can't say if it matters one bit *shrugs*. too bad.

*watching The Ultimate Fighter season 5*
*listening to Interpol: Leif Eriksson*

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