April 27, 2007

i've found some new bands through him; Liekki, Risto and Magenta Skycode. Liekki is the band of Karkkiautomaatti-singer Janne (Jansku back then if i recall right). all pretty easy goin, near naïve, pop music. Magenta is PMMP songmaker's debut, in english. i'm now reminded i haven't listened to Karkkiautomaatti; Karkkis, in ages. not sure if i even have them on a CD, just tapes and EP's. i don't even have a vinyl player anymore, unfortunately.

i'm thinking my trip to Asia could be to Bali. it oughta be beautiful and hot. too hot for me really, but i don't care, i want to know how it feels. Bali is near Indonesia i think...somewhere in south, an island i guess. sounds exotic :)

a danish movie is on TV; Udenrigskorrespondenten (Haiti Express). i couldn't tell, it seems american to me. almost philosophical movie. psychedelic too. i wonder what i'd look like if i was really tanned. i think it'd fit me. but u don't have to try everything that fits.

he got new bedroom curtains from IKEA and they drive me nuts. to
o bad, as i encouraged him to get em; purple/gold with these fuckin patterns(looks pathetic in photo, its pretty vivid). 2 in 1 patterns really, thats the problem, when i see a dual pattern, that can be seen several ways, two different pictures or forms...i cannot stand it. it obsesses me. in my childhood home, my bedroom wallpaper was green, with golden patterns... i fuckin stared at it for hours. hundreds of hours. i have to turn my back to the curtains if i want to stay sane.

i don't care for flowers and the green things. should i get a plastic one anyway? like from IKEA, a bunch of white fake flowers...i have several vases! vases are beautiful so i've bought plenty, i just rarely get to use them. i had a cactus when i was teen or so, got it from my mom or whatever... it only required watering a couple times a year or less perhaps, but i managed to kill it anyway. my ex, Arttu, is kind of forgetful too, so i once figured i buy him a flower, and got him a cactus for the mentioned reason. someone said its not very romantic or so, to give a cactus but oh well. i think its still alive.

what's the problem with fast food not looking as it does in ads/photos. an example of a site dealing with this is here. nice one, some are pretty far from what they "should" be. but, seriously, if u take out the studio photography factor, and that after receiving your hamburger wrapped in paper u hold it in your hands... it is going to get mushed and the tomato is gonna slip out. and u want to complain that it does not look like in the ad. fuckin take it from the counter and set it under studio lights right away, snap a photo with your pro cam and set the colors nice in PS (this is fair because in your snapshots the colors are not very real either). it just might look decently close to the ad. i think in the link i provided, Burger King croissant and all McDonald's burgers look seriously close enough to shut your mouth. some of them then again... yea, too bad. i dunno, what the fuck do people want, snapshots in ads? i wouldn't mind personally...but i bet there would be complains if they did that. some realism is required, but to demand for the impossible is retarded.

jesus christ, i'm watching another scandinavian movie. it's totally psychcedelic. whats up, jesus, we make these really weirdo flicks. i guess when hollywood does all this 'normal' shit (even their weird-stuff is pretty normal), all thats left for us is to do the sick stuff. i don't know. i'm often baffled when i look at this nordic movie channel.

"the great finnish ice hockey ambulance challenge" i.e. what happens when the finnish Lion meets an ambulance. just click! i got 1028 but my mouse is a bit retarded.

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