April 27, 2007

20C! summer!

got new Agent Provocateur bra from eBay today. And the pink Everlast velour track suit :) kind of made my day.

and i just bought Clinique's moisture surge moisturizer. its pretty good. my skin is really dry right now... it'll get better towards the summer esp. if i just took care of it... but i figured some extra help wouldn't hurt. i have some extra-super-duper moisturizers, but a new one always feels better :P

Slipknot did a cover of Dirlanda. somewhat suprising pick?

my back is jammed and hurting. i just sit too much by the computer. i should go to a chiropractioner but its freakin 60euros per session. i'd need like 2 sessions at least.

i'm watching TV and its that time of the year again, hockey world championships. we just beat Ukraine, after which they once again showed the highlights of the1995 gold medal game. brings tears to my eyes as i remember it like yesterday. but spring is tough time for me, i've witnessed the Lion Team being crushed by swedes so many times and so harshly...these wounds will never heal! thinking of 2002 and 2003 games brings tears to my eyes too. very tough, while the sun gives a promise of spring and the birds are singing and the nature is starting to bloom again, this heavy feeling dwells inside me...

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