April 27, 2007

shit, i feel like an idiot. i recently switched from Azureus to uTorrent, because altho Azureus was working fine, it seemed to be a real memory hogger and heavy in general. Arttu compared MS Word and Textpad to Azureus and uTorrent... don't fix if it ain't broken...yea i know, but i learn it again and again... so i switch and i had lots of issues with getting uTorrent to work properly, it fucked up my internet and whatnot. then it works fine until one day... mysterious. anyway this morning i wanted a file of 350MB and figured i could download it before going to work and transfer it to my poratble player and watch it at work or something. i start downloading and leave it for a bit, because uTorrent is slow in starting up dl's sometimes. i check up after a bit and its not fuckin doing anything! except seeding... (yes i'm a moron) (it did make me wonder tho!). so i restart it and do all the usual tricks and check all the tweaked settings that made it work in the first place and nothing helped. finally i had to go to work and now that i got home i started my investigation. turns out i'd left the fuckin thing unguarded for several minutes. time stamps show that uTorrent DID download the file, in exactly 5 minutes. i feel like such an idiot. i've witnessed downloading at 1.5MB/s with uTorrent and don't suspect that to be the maximum...but this caught me by surprise. i just figured i would've caught the dl in action because i was checkin up on it. fuck, what a waste of time.

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