April 09, 2007

in dA, i asked what are peoples 5 fav tv series ever. i myself suggested for example Miami Vice to be one of them. speaking of which the movie was fun, i never liked Colin Farrel but in Miami Vice, with the 80s hair and stuff...i dunno, its embarrassing to say but he was kinda hot... i recommend

anyway so people are listing a lot of programs i haven't seen. duh. nip/tuck seems to be on many fav-lists. i checked out one episode, was okay, i can see the attraction i guess. then there are such series as 'Firefly', 'Bones' and 'Degrassi'. i have no idea what they're about but i will find out soon! the names just obviously seemed interesting. Babylon 5 i do NOT need to check out, i know EXACTLY what thats about. (Kev always had the sci-fi channel on and Babylon 5 was on all day). i might remember something wrong about that, but anyway my associations of Babylon 5 are not positive. Scrubs is a very popular show too. many on-going shows are (prison, lost, heroes, dexter...)... but i can agree its awesome, hell, i'm watching it atvm! i've been thinking about Alf too... thought i'd refresh my memories and watch some. oh those were the times...

the concept of hair 'growing out of style' is becoming clearer to me. i feel like its only been a day since i cut my hair, but to be more soecific its been over 3 weeks. and its totally different, the ponytail holds, my back of the neck tattoo is soon covered... i have to book a time for another haircut! :) speaking of hairstuff... Sokos had a special hairweek, professional products on sale, they do it few times a year. and i run there to spend all my savings on special detangling lotions and supercare sprays... now, i go there and see all the shelves of bottles and my eyes shine brightly. until i realize, i don't know what to do. i sure as hell don't need any haircare products, for split ends and stuff! the world has never seen hair as healthy and shiny as mine now! so i wander around in confusion, not knowing what to do. i get a conditioner but i really shouldn't, i have tons of shampoos and conditioners. plus i barely need conditioners anymore. anyway, then i understand it all. life has a purpose. i need to get hair STYLING products. i had all the basic sprays and mousses of course, but nothing for serious styling! hmm, well maybe something, to think of it, lots of bottles there i never used. aaaanyway, me was a happy camper and then a guilty one after spending 52euros on hair. and thats just a few bottles, this godforsaken country is so expensive....:( but here's my leave-in conditioners and styling stuff.

pretty dusty but all that is about to change, i will start a new life with my new hair, and the new styles! tomorrow is cleaning day!

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