April 10, 2007

Marianne always talks me into things internet stuff usually. i tend to resist, theres somuch shit out there. but more than once i have found something special after i gave in and checked it out. Last.fm is the first to come to mind. anyway she's been talking about eBay forever...she's an eBay junkie quite frankly...i am kind of negative about eBay, the site is ugly and confusing and the few times i visited there i never found anything. anyway, after she gave me this little mobile charm thingy, i decided to get a few more, to tune my phone, make it real ghetto with all kinds of glittery shit. eBay seems to have what i want so i'll finally submit.

hairnotes: my morning program requires some adjustment. i have to book time for hair! not every day...i still just 'wash & go'. but i really wanna get into this hair styling thing now that i have the possibility... i usually reserve some 30minutes for the internet and another 30 for dressing up and make up. i think my hair would need 5 to 10 minutes on average, of i decide to style it... i guess i can take that off from the internet time. i have internet at work so i admit its kind of silly to run from the bed to my computer and sit there glued that long in the morning... just proves how addicted i am.

*eats avokados*

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