April 12, 2007

me, him and a bunch of other co-workers are going on one of those booze cruises in may. i'm kinda looking forward to that, there's i think 10 of us at least, almost all my favorite people :) the boat (which sucks but oh well) goes to the port of Tallinn and back, 14 hours.

fuckin great, an officer sentenced for the Srebrenica genocide was sent to a finnish prison to do his time. thats our own fault since we have a deal with ICT, they can send a convict to serve in finalnd. so as a thanks to what he did to his countrymen, he gets a better life standard than he probably ever had... fuckin christ. why don't we just pay him a hotel room? no wait, its the same thing. they should all serve their sentences in wherever the fuck they're from, i am sure that would put things in perspective...who wants to go to a Bosnian jail? :)

i just fuckin spent hours in eBay. got myself some make up stuff and mobile charms and such. i'm thinking of buying shoes too...risky with the size but they're pretty cheap...i'll have to think about it.

after a lot of pondering, i'm so confused and helpless about my lack of creative thoughts and interest in photography that i'm going to some extreme measures to change things. i'm taking a week+ off from him, just to get some more free time and to be able to really concentrate. i think its this whole change project that has sucked up all my energy and interest. its like photos were part of a past life that i left behind. well i just have to go back then. i've been too cheery to create anything. i need to go dwell in emo-feelings and be alone perhaps.

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