April 12, 2007

i am supposed to clean up today. and think of photos. but first i need caffein.

besides all the new series that i've checked out, i've also dug up some old favorites that i watched when i was a kid. mainly; Alf and Jeeves and Wooster. they still make me smile but the funniest edge has unfortunately disappeared.

i'm pissed about the nuclear weapons stuff. some are allowed to own them, and some not. if those outside the friendly nuclear-circle are getting some, it becomes a huge fuckin show. as if Pakistan would be any more reliable with those than, say; North-Korea. i don't think anyone should have any. either that or everyone should have the right, but just like guns, they don't lead to any good so i think this is a much weaker solution. either way, those that have nuclear weapons, seem to be more interested in others acquiring some. i guess because that'd make them equal in that perspective. what, we don't have the monopoly to blow up others?? north-korea may be fucked but i doubt they're really interested in attacking the rest of the world, but rightfully worried about the rest of the world kicking them in the head. fuckin leave them alone. if they prefer keep closed borders and die of hunger then let it be so. i also heard(!) of a research which said that "80% of ALL couples that move in together, visit IKEA within the first 3 months". its believable, easy, but i think they probably meant "all couples in the western world"... most couples on this globe don't live anywhere near an IKEA. speaking of IKEA i need to go there, buy some boxes and lamps and stuff.

hairnotes: the life for a person with normal hair is tough. i just went to the hairdresser and wanted the hair a little shorter in the back but i guess there was some miscommunication. now its kind of weird. but well hair grows.

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