April 12, 2007

regarding the previous entry... nuclear weapons+Isreal... lets not even go there.

not sure if the jeans are ready now... i regret not taking a 'before' photo. but really, they were plain blue. i have some plain blue jeans, but they have at least some texture to make em nice, these were just.... anyway for tuning jeans i used bleach and sandpaper. i put bleach in a kitchen cloth and wiped with it. especially the spots that i broke with the sandpaper. turns out jeans are blue throughout, it doesn't get any lighter as u scratch a hole in it, u have to bleach it to make it look worn. the harder the sandpaper the better (i tried 2 kinds). have to be careful with the bleach... rather take it slow. and wash in between and dry to see the results.

firstly, this is in the beginning of the project, before i figured i might have to take em off me.

after. don't look anything like Esprit jeans anymore do they? :P

and a close-up.

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