April 03, 2007

so i figured i'll just go ahead and fuckin write in finnish if i wish. i considered a separate blog, i even set up one and wrote a few posts to get the authentic experience. i just did it for myself to know what it would feel like. it was nice, i made it look neat and all. but in the end, after some pondering i decided to just have a bilingual blog instead of trying to keep up two.

i asked around opinions on this, finns seemed to be most negative towards a bilingual blog, tho not all. funny as they are the people who can read both. foreigners that offered their opinion were mostly very positive. amusingly, some said they use google translator to translate foreign language blogs. i doubt thats useful when it comes to my raped finnish slang. also, some people said a summary of the topic in english would be nice, because understandably there's the stress of missing out on something. but i don't know... "in the following i explain what i think about the new logo in Valio's milk cartons". interesting, yes?? the whole point of my need to write finnish is to comment on things that have absolutely no interest to non-finns anyway. whenever possible, i have explained finnish concepts and words, but very often i just skip subjects because they are non-translatable or just don't make any fuckin sense after a long fuckin explanation in stiff english. some things are culturally bound and sort of 'inside' jokes. i think its that i've been reading so much finnish blogs lately as well. i love finnish and to see how people use it flexibly and imaginatively motivated me i guess. made me miss it. i never write in finnish.

so all in all, thats the story... if i feel like it, i'll go finnish. if someone doesn't get it they're not missing out on anything for sure. and i'll see where this combo takes me. maybe i'll put a disclaimer in the upper right corner?

but if someone wanted to learn finnish, here's leassons on YouTube ;)

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