April 03, 2007

so i'm on my way home, decide to stop by a grill and get food and a cider. but no i won't! this is the harsh reality of finland, no alcohol sold between 9pm and 9am. umph.


i am writing a list to do for tomorrow. it starts with 'buy peasoup'. i've gradually used my stock of canned peasoup and was now down to 2 cans. the other can was 'best before' 2000... which means i've bought it... when i was with my 1st (serious) bf? a girl who defines her life by her relationships, nice. well the other can said 2005 so that will do, it smelled ok *shrugs*. i thought canned food lasts like forever! and canadian peasoup is yellow, wtf!

GOD tv.com hehe

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