April 02, 2007

the trip was a success i think. i felt good then and i feel good now. i was so ashamed at times to be there...when the bartenders spoke finnish to me, of course i spoke finnish back. even if there was a finnish menu always available i usually attemtep ordering in english, as if that was slightly more international and we wouldn't come accross as dumbass finns. i really wanted a tasteless tenerife-shirt but they don't really make those anymore. instead i got a big pink towel that has a map of the island and stuff. i'd say its pretty tacky :) being on an arranged trip was funny, the tour guide would almost take you by the hand and push your ass in the buss and then of course while driving, explain about the sights and shit. i luckily had my portable video player with me, theres limits as to how authentic i wanted my experience... during the week we walked around a bit, bought a lot of food (had a fridge) and even more drinks, went to different restaurants and laid by the pool. i always thought tan lines are funny, especially from a bikini so i got myself those :) i feel a bit of an idiot though. i really liked my pale skin. while by the pool, i was often reading Gavin Baddeley's Goth Chic - Connoisseurs Guide to Dark Culture. ironic in the context? i got it from the airport. it sounds nonsense but the book is pretty decent actually, because its not from the inside perspective or at least doesn't seem so, so its not emo or self-admiring... its goes pretty far on the history of gothic literature and art and what has affected modern days gothic attitudes and culture. while i don't really think that direction of 'style' (gothic) has much content, i am interested in how its seen and how goths themselves think of it.

a very relaxing trip from all perspectives, when not in- or outside somewhere drinking, we were in the bed. also, i slept TONS. that was sweeeet, i consumed caffeine like twice during the trip. towards the very end i started to run out of patience sort of i suppose, on our last night i initiated a huge 'relationship crisis' type discussion... and when returning, on the plane, the flight seemed to take forever and i had some stomach ache, i wasn't the best possible travel companion, but most of the week i was a happyc amper, on a joyful mood and all. its really weird to look at things from a distance. a year back life was preeeetty different. we both were living different types of lives elsewhere, even if in the same job, and i was...the way i were...and i just never could've imagined that a year later i find myself with him, in tenerife, with short hair, and laying in the sun... wtf? thats what many of my friends are asking. and i just smile. this is one of lifes mysterious ways, one which i chose.

my breakfast. note my new fav drink on the side.

i want more tattoos! but i have to go to work in

...as i was saying...i need to go to work...but at that moment i realized it was 1:38pm and my shift starts at 2pm. i ran. my alarm clock was in daylight savings time still.

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