April 06, 2007

what's with bloggers using just the first letter of peoples names? i know the privacy thing, but why not make up nicknames or such? 'cutegirl' or...'mr big' (sex and the city, yea). some do, sure, but too few! now that i got that out of my system, i might as well call my cousin B. she's got a pretty distinctive name and is, as far as i recall, sometimes extreme about her privacy so. she's only 2 weeks younger than me and while we didn't grow up in the same city, we bonded quite a lot in teenage. that lasted for many years but at some point, in the beginning of the decade we grew apart somehow. i moved to helsinki in 1996, which is where she grew up, so the end of 90s was a good time, we hung out a lot, but she moved to turku to study in 2001 or something, and got married and all that. our lives are very different now. she's in town this weekend, but we didn't find a suitable time to meet up.

i met with mnoo (from now on known by her real name; Marianne), it had been a while. we just went for a dinner at Chico's as usual. had burger meal and i had a cider and she had a strawberry margarita. as usual. but! i got a birthday present :) or should i say presentS :P fuck, browsing flickr i see she posted a photo of me she took while in the restaurant. i made stupid faces to the mobile camera :o anyway back to the presents :)

that's... 2 soaps, heart-shaped jewellery, fcuk's lip gloss, fine chocolate, cell phone jewellery...hmm did i forget anything, the body lotion! from Victoria's Secret. how did she know i was in need of some :) the fragrance is beautiful and sexy. i had to take some in-action shots too.

i'm tired and it's barely 10pm and theres a lot of stuff i want to do... last night didn't go exactly as planned, it reminded of a finnish comedy. he was supposed to come over, which he did of course. at 5am and a little more drunk than necessary. not too serious but merely not what i had in mind. and then of course he wakes up at 11am and so do i and yea, i just didn't get enough sleep. the incident had been avoidable if only i was willing to go out, but alas, i wasn't, stuff to do and my week off from drinking *shrugs* i feel like a party-pooper.

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