April 07, 2007

i'm pretty indifferent about programs like Idols, but if someone has to win em then let it be someone with attitude! hehe, i was just glad to hear Ari Koivunen won, since altho i haven't been following Idols at all, a single episode, of course the media has kept me updated, i knew there was a heavy metal man in the game :)
Ari Koivunen: The Evil That Men Do - youtube
Ari Koivunen: Piano Man - youtube
as i listened Ari put Dickinson in shame i did actually get the urge to listen to Iron Maiden... but will the real thing do anymore?? :P fuck, i'm cheery, i seem to like this Ari guy.

i found a new favorite fruit. avokado! and what happens, i get right smacked in the face. i was yearning for some avokado and picked up 3 from the grocery store, i figured that would do for starters. and they're ALL fucked!! kind of hard, brownish...totally not what i experienced earlier this week, when this love was born. i tried to figure it out but they stayed non-eatable, i could barely put my teeth trough, and it tasted shit. here's a photo of 2.

see?? totally fucked. unbelievable. if i can't buy avokados from the grocery store, where then? WHO CAN I TRUST ANYMORE?

i just called to wake him up and ask "what the fuck is up with the avokados! why are they all brown and hard???" (2:40am so i knew he was asleep). this was the (first) revenge for last nights episode.

so how fattening are avokados really? i bet very, because they're so fuckin good. but the situation is what it is, and i cannot buy a ripe, healthy avokado theres no worry over me getting avokado-fat anytime soon...

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