April 08, 2007

someone got stuck in the elevator :( but no worries, emergency beer is available.

we had our movie night yesterday. started it off with great expectations of 300, then continued with Sheitan, Down in the Valley, Colour Me Kubrick and Welcome to Collinwood. 300 claimed the expectations and i was inspired photographically. when i first saw the trailer, it was the visuals that hit me in the head, hard. the movie has sort of taken every aspect to the max, full volume. usually in action/war/hero -type movies like braveheart or gladiator, only the pathetic fervency aspect has been taken to the max... not that all movies could or should be like 300, but i think they should cut the pathetic emo-shit in half. i haven't read the 300 comic, as i don't read comics, so i wasn't doing comparison, i merely saw it as a movie of an event. taken way over the top and to the imagined side, but yet very real and believable. the movie really wallowed in the trained bodies of the spartans but hey, like i said, everything was taken to the max. i found this warrior and war -story very pleasing and it reminded of my grandparents that stood up to the massive 1:10 soviet army, willing to die if needed.

Sheitan was so praised and described as super-duper sick, that with my standards of 'sick' i guess i expected a little more. i love Vincent Cassel, he can be so disturbing... it was a pretty nice movie. what ididn't like is that it was french i guess, supposedly indie? i don't know, but it used what seemed like an american plot to me. dumb young teens that like to party, end up on the countryside, weird hourse and weird people and they're too stupid to leave and blah blah... Down in the Valley was also said to be good, which it was. Edward Norton never seems to disappoint. it was a slightly disturbing and worrying flick, real and at times sad. i didn't expect a lot of Colour Me Kubrick but it was pretty neat. circled around the one subject it was about but with Malkovich and the Kubrick-movie hints it couldn't go wrong. Malkovich played Alan Conway who succesfully pretended to be Stanley Kubrick in the 90s. no one knew what Kubrick looks like so Alan was rather succesful. Welcome to Collinwood looks like average shit but it was kind of a poor mans version of Oceans Eleven... note: produced by Soderbergh and starring George Clooney among others...coincidence i think not.

prepare for glory. prepare to die. sweeeet.

his mother had later, after meeting me, asked him why i'm so pale. *rolls eyes*. its my skin color?

i've always wanted to like Siouxie and the Banshees but this is the day i finally give in. it just won't work for me. too bad.

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