May 17, 2007

12:15PM and back home :) the heavy drinkers, incl him, continued off somewhere with the booze they got from the tax-free. i didn't have an obstacle to keep me from carrying on, but i didn't have a motive for it either. last night was fun but that was that, i think i could still make something useful out of this day.

on the bright side i didn't loose it on the cruise, that was utmost important to me. i only woke up with a headache which a painkiller cured and i feel fine now. i guess i was around a 4 on my drunkenness-scale, which is actually quite optimal in the circumstances. to get away without a major hangover from a "booze cruise" is something to be proud of, out of the 14 that we were, at least 4 wound up puking.

however on the downside, i was drunk enough to walk around in the corridors (where some of us were still drinking) 5am with only a towel on. otherwise a viable idea, but those boat towels are apparently too narrow to cover everything :( thats what they told me then, but i was too drunk to believe. and now i will be hearing about this for...i don't want to think how long. the only positive side i see to this is that i was neatly shaved :(

[i got this far and then the delayed hangover did hit me. 3 hours of sleep later i am again back to normal. oh well]

the night turned out pretty nice, karaoke as i reported from the spot and just hanging out. Danny was performing on the cruise, we were entertained ;)

photos without faces are fuckin dull but what can u do.

our pre-drinking session in a bar before going on the cruise, sparkling wine for 1e/glass.

in someone's cabin, after a shopping spree in tax-free shop judging by the drinks, more pre-drinking before hitting the bars on the boat.

shots for everyone!

the photo says it all i believe.

random shot of the bar in the late hours.

drinking again, in a cabin again. looks like a big bottle of Fisherman's friend vodka:)

someone fell out of the cabin. she was just piss drunk and laughing her ass off :)

after Danny's show, we're still ...dancing? there goes his carefully preserved privacy.

something from the tax-free. Koskenkorva aka kossu renewed their image to seriously go abroad. well, was it worth it? the bottles do look pretty nice. distilled 300 times :)

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