May 17, 2007

as far as hockey goes... its been like 5 days since the championship match. i don't think anyone was surprised, thats how those games tend to end. my only suggestion is to get a swedish coach again sometime. until then i'll just keep watching youtube videos of 1995 and listening to 'den glider in', alone in the dark, and shed a tear while doing that.

a friend who knows someone who knows someone just told me my ex-bf Andy, from when i was like 14, has died. the rumor is that he killed himself. i wonder... anyhow i found his obituary online. looks like he went back to australia at some point. i met him in school and we dated for a few months, maybe 5 or so. we were a weird couple, i was very punk rock and a misfit, while he was the tough guy of the class. us dating shut his friends mouths, at that age they'd naturally teased me for being so 'weird'. anyhow, i guess that was that then.

on other news, i received this kimono in the mail yesterday. just as i got home from work, to ponder what to wear for the cruise, it had arrived and i didn't have to ponder any longer. him and i had agreed to wear something light and summery, and his shirt was colorful and patterned, so this was a match! i didn't bother ironing but i don't think it looked this bad in real... hmm.

i'm a little disoriented, don't know why. its like i i've been away for a week or several, altho it was less than 24 hours. i should clean up, that was my plan anyway, but i feel lazy. i haven't seen Arttu in ages, we've been online at different times and haven't been able to meet and the schedules just haven't matched. but he is coming over now i think. finally i get to talk.

next, i suggest myself to finally wash off the make up from my face... the skin is really dry again, no wonder. i could apply moisturizer with a shovel.

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