May 01, 2007

and today is hockey-time. russia-finland. classic.

last night was so-so, eventually there was a bunch of people, and some were so fuckin drunk it kind of affected the whole. and i was barely drunk at all. today we skipped the picnic and probably was a good decision, looks pretty full there. instead we've had sparkling wine with strawberries and just relaxed.

yesterday i was pretty pissed to be at work first because the department went off to had a party event of some sort, in the afternoon, and i was left alone. but then i was brought sparkling wine and i got visitors and later a colleague joined me and then a maintenance guy came to hang out with us, he was on duty as well. and then another guy who was on duty and then some co-workers, and him and eventually we had a good party going on. the lines were quiet, customers were out partying so they didn't bother us much. still, the evening ended as i said... tomorrow i got work but i think then a few days off... i could do some more cleaning up and maybe plan some photos. i wonder if i could take any, without models that is. i'm such a people-focused photographer, altho theres a lot of opportunity in still life. but i really want to shoot bunnies and kitties in the future.

i have to go back watch the game.

*listening to shitter limited: saatanan ryss├Ąt* ;)

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