May 27, 2007

another week gone by. almost. i plan to make this sunday special.

i did some shopping with F yesterday. first off those ProvinssiRock tickets, i wanted them off our shoulders. i got some shirts, underwear, a black dress and such... nothing big as i need to think about my bank account right now. F found me this nice pink gsus industries-shirt of thin and soft cotton;

and in turn i picked him 2 shirts; "Velvet machine operator" and brass knuckles theme in pink.

F's niece has b-day today so we also got her a present. she wanted a Bratz doll...and we had some tough decision making to do in the toy store, there were a lot of different kinds of Bratz to choose from. in the end we chose an ethnic one...with dark skin, figuring that would support multi-cultural acceptance and open mindedness. but wrapping up that thing... that was much harder even. here's the perhaps miserable result, but in the end i am happy with the whole...i mean kids don't care how neatly a present is wrapped anyway, it's the present that counts! :) i didn't go to the b-day party as i haven't met her before, i think it would've been odd, but hopefully some other time.

i had to watch UFC71 to see what happened with Liddell vs Rampage last night. why am i not surprised with the result? haha.

also i decided to get myself some reading and bought Chomsky's Media Control from eBay.

"pupu tupuna
mä kaipaan sua
nyt kun oon voinut ajatella

kun pääni on pullollaan serotoniinia
ja sinä oot kaukana
ja minä oon lomalla
vielä 2 kuukautta

vieläkö rakastat mua?

jos, niin älä tule vielä katsomaan

sillä en halua
että näät mut ihan tällasena
olen vielä hajalla

ja pyörin rajalla

mut mä suunnistan kohti onnea"

Risto: Pupu Tupuna

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