May 16, 2007

eurovision song contest then. this is my final assessment of it.

Ukraine was #2 this year. with this ...spectacle. i strongly suggest checking it out.
they'd received criticism and doubt as it sounds like they are singing 'russia goodbye'. apparently that is not the case but it sure sounds like it...;) either way...pretty interesting 'song'. for the sake of it, this is the winner, 1st time participating, Serbia;

i give the winning song credit for musical virtues, since most contestants tend to compete with visual aids. its a song about love and the difficulty of coming out of the closet (i think) and so forth... as far as musical qualities go, Hungary seemed to think that is all you need. admirable but naïve. Hungary's Idol winner was representing the country and i really thought she could sing, but that only gave Hungary #9. here's her blues;

Israel did not make it to the finals this year. the song caused a lot of controversy beforehand because of the lyrics, they were found somewhat questionable, but the band 'denies the charges'. well, here's an excerpt from the lyrics and below the video.
"Messages blow up all around me
Missiles fly around and fall on top of me
Cops and robbers run all over me
Stompin' down on me, messin' around with me
Alelai, Alelai, are you there, God, it's me?
This nightmare’s going on just way too long for me
When I'm barely alive, the target’s aimed at me,
Might be too early to say
"I Gave My Life for Thee""
for once, i am not going to comment on the whole fuckin israel thing, just the song. it has a promising start and boy, is the chorus very fuckin catchy, i like it. but then they change languages...quite a few times (french and hebrew and whatever) and i have to say it gets quite messy. if they had kept it in english alone i think it could've worked as a whole and succeeded better. anyhow...let's PU...PU....PUSH THE BUTTON!!

besides Israel, several other countries were left out. this is a nice youtube compilation of all the semifinalists in order of appearance; in regards to the performances seen in the video, check out Belarus. Dmitry Koldun's mother set up the Princess Di fan club of Belarus and wished to have a girl that looked like Di. looks like she got a boy instead. i think the resemblance between him and Diana is clear. Iceland was left out as well, it may not be a magnificent song, but i give Iceland points for not going with the half-naked-girl-singing-pop theme, and instead doing their own thing. thats what i wished we had done, but oh well, we did it once and i guess that made it all worthwhile. Czech Republic tried heavy rock but i guess their rock doesn't work for us, it left them on the shore this year. personally i felt the song was boring and not credible for heavy rock. Poland probably had the hottest babe in the contest but they didn't even get to the top10, can u get any hotter next year? undress some more maybe? Slovenia went all Nightwish in their performance, a little too much if you ask me. Turkey sent a 'goodlooking' fella with a dance song, and so we saw girls shaking their ass on stage. no points from me. Andorra had an easy breezy pop act, pretty honest pop rock, not shit at all, yet they didn't make it through the semifinals which saddens me.

a compilation video of the finalists in 2007.

oh and there was UK, that would've deserved 0 points which it almost 'got'... but then there's the neighbors. eurovision song contest is actually pretty much kiss-your-neighbors-ass contest, and this year it seemed like south-east europe competed on who is able to give their neighboring countries the most points. by no means are finland and sweden exceptions from this idiotism, unfortunately. so anyway, Ireland gave UK a few points, and Malta gave them full 12 points. retards? yes, well that AND ex-colony of UK...
here's is the UK entry 'Flying the flag for you';

Ireland's entry was...if you've heard the Titanic soundtrack you can't bear any more of these instruments, in a way its nice they do their thing but it's so yesterday! Austria presented themselves with what i'd call rock...interesting choice. the song simply wasn't too great, and they missed the finals. if i was asked they should've made it tho. Greece's lyrics were something along "shake it up shake it up, la la, Maria..." some sort of a Ricky Martin copy *shrugs*. Sweden failed miserably and they're is very upset over it, the song was very la-la-laa...kind of a modern Abba-thingy, only not as good. russia is big on teeny slutty looking girl bands, and they sent over one of those. some of the lyrics;
"Oh, don't call me funny bunny
I'll blow your money, money
I'll get you to my bad ass spinnin' for you
Oh, I'll make it easy, honey
I'll take your money, yummy"
a lot of finnish men have come across that i'm sure, being in contact with russian women... 50 rubles for some ass spinning... okay i'll move along. Germany always manages to surprise with its weird entries. Lithuania then...*falls asleep*.

i think all in all Lordi had an effect on the direction of eurovision, we saw several heavier and rockish entries this year, and i think there was more humour too, whether tasteless or not is a different thing. the contest is pretty much a joke so i don't mind.

and well after this we need to go back to 2006 and the awesomest fuckin eurovision song ever; Hard...Rock...Hallelujah

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