May 15, 2007

i got my MAC clear lipglass in the mail. i bought one from eBay after i lost the old one. it made the day better. i then went to shop for hairdye and such, and ended up getting all kinds of things. the cosmetics department is a very dangerous place for my bank account. i got body oils and brow pencils, plus shampoo and shower gel for him...what else, well a super-duper (almost neon) dark pink nail polish. my toe nails are pale pink now and i didn't feel like going over them so i tested the polish on my currently black nails. the effect was neat, very dark violet with a pinkish hue. kind of metallic, with 2 diff layers on top of each other. well here it is.

i should go to bed early if i plan to work and party tomorrow.

this Kitty Ortiz vs Chuck Kattell video is a must see;
the EPIC REMATCH between the kitties!

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