May 22, 2007

i slept very poorly. the throat got worse and in the end it hurt like hell to cough and to swallow. i have cough drops and stuff, but the sneezing and a feeling of fever (altho i never have any)... altogether resulted in me waking up every hour or so after finally falling asleep. to be awake at 8am on a tuesday morning... great. my voice got fucked naturally and while i felt pretty shitty, i had to call in sick again. i'm one of those pathetic people who feel guilty for not going to work, no matter how good the reason. i tried to sleep again but then the mailman woke me up and now i have finally given in. instead i got myself a hairdresser in an hour. i hope they won't mind me going there coughing and sneezing...err. its just that i have time now and ...yea. the mailman brought me some make up which always cheers me up. and shoes.

i concluded that Christian Dior's shade 100 fits my current skintone so i got it in 2 finishes, 'pure light' which is a light reflecting, more natural finish, and 'soft sensation' which is a matte, powdery finish. both are average when it comes to covering. what i appreciate with C.D. is that all their foundation types have more less the same colors, and the numbering is consistent. so if u have found #100 to fit, u can pretty much get any of their foundations and the color will be just that.

the shoes then. i like the star theme i have going on now, matches with the ankle.

these are super comfortable as the actual heel is only perhaps 3.75 inches/9cm or so and there's a padding for the foot. these will rock my summer.

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