May 22, 2007

i think i'm ready to go back to work tomorrow. i'm sneezing constantly but otherwise i'm kind of back to normal. looking for more Agent Provocateur underwear in eBay and trying to reply emails.

a few hours later, my throat is getting sore. well, i guess its an unavoidable part of a flu, the last part usually i guess. if i feel okay tomorrow anyway, i can still go to work and do emails even if i am missing my voice.

in the end, i was pretty useless today...i didn't pay my bills nor anything else.

we were changing the sheets to my bed, and i was explaining F what i already vented about in my blog, i.e. the chauvinism and twisted sad messages that movies, such as Mini's first time, feature. and i was giving him the fresh sheets from my closet and he was listening, and then he replied something along the lines of "yes, its good you'd never support such female objectification", and held the Playboy pillowcase i'd just handed him. *mmph* okay fair enough.

BBC test to find out which sex is your brain. mine is somewhat on the male side. i lack empathy and verbal fluency, even more so than men :D however i am good at shapes and angles, as men are supposed to be, only i am better. but that i know. there's plenty of interesting tests on that BBC site actually.

*listening to Kingston Wall – Shine on Me*

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