May 21, 2007

new musical finds, easy going pop (like thomas dybdahl, sufjan stevens, kings of convenience);
Minor Majority, Magnet and The National Bank. and what do they have in common? they're all norwegian.

another nice triplet is pineapple soda+pina colada+vodka

what keeps bugging me, no matter how little i can do about it and how accepted it is, is how hollywood does a remake of every freakin (non-american)movie. and stupid americans probably think the idea was theirs. the original just won't do, as if it wasn't good enough?? i can see how everything has to be americanized for the stupid audience, but i wish a little more was demanded from them. some understanding of different cultures and languages. in the process of americanization the movie often turns into average mush too, while the original was great. i'm not even going into the asian horror examples, we all know em. the latest one to catch my intention is from the weekend box-office; the invisible. may i introduce the original; den osynlinge (trailer). i saw it on tv a couple weeks back and while it wasn't like the best movie ever, i did appreciate the plot and especially the choice of ending. i was worried it would be all clich├ęd, but i'd forgotten this was a scandinavian movie... while apparently the invisible is a copy word by word, they probably changed the ending to suite the market. who wants to bet on it? on a final note, the original is rated higher in IMDb, and while i don't think the IMDb audience is an authority of any kind, its nice to see even they agree with me.

*listening to Go Cat Go: Please Mama Please and
Placebo – Running Up That Hill *

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