May 20, 2007

last night i slept better but nonetheless after breakfast i went back to bed for a few hours. sweaty, dream filled, easily interrupted sleep. but i do alright with the meds. watching trailers from helps. i am in a weird hormonal phase i guess as the sentimental ones have me crying. and just seeing the poster for this movie, with the brooklyn bridge, brings tears to my eyes as i remember how beautiful that city, and bridge, look at night. it has been one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. man built, dirty and harming the environment but oh boy i love how NYC looks.

anyway, i have to get back on track.

i don't think cold has much effect on my flu so i don't avoid going out and freezing my ass off as usual. i just had to go to the grocery store but got stuck chatting with my neighbor, also ex co-worker. i think more important than occasionally freezing is my mood. the fact that i'm happy and stress-free.

yesterday F and i watched Mini's First Time. i'd read good things about it, so i was hopeful. but it was just another one of those flicks where the old rich guy gets fucked over for falling for a pretty young cunt. often there are several old rich guys, or even good guys, and after all kinds of plotting and supposedly smart twists she is the one to walk out free and with the money. what is the lesson? women can be successful and screw over men??? i think we know that. whats sad is that the message is that women need sex to do that. thats her weapon, oh besides the brain of course. and you don't have 'sex' unless you're young and hot. it is depressive what we are told is it not? and i mean we're so done with this plot anyway. i want to see the one where the bitch gets severely punished for being a bitch (gangrape anyone?). the movies are still so stuck in the old stereotypes, a guy could never have played this role on women. kill someone, lie, cheat, get someone to jail and then walk out of it. women have been the oppressed and weaker sex, and this is some weird way of trying to make it up, have women be bad and get away with it. if they fill the necessary requirements that is, which i already mentioned. wrong and wrong. this is still oppression, just different kind. what you have to be to worthy of a leading role, to be a winner of the plot, to win men and so forth. and this reminds me, surgically enhanced older actresses can play the roles of older women and look good. BUT if the character in the movie has operations and/or is concerned about their looks, it means she is a bitch, evil and/or the movie is a comedy. (see: catwoman, drop dead gorgeous, death becomes her). totally fucked, one of my per peeves.

among the trailers i saw was Captivity. even as a trailer it didn't have much effect on me, which makes it really miserable. apparently the good looking main character is subjected to horrendous and unthinkable torture, but i think i missed that part. whatever it is, i'm sure she'll walk out with her pretty face intact. i don't have a problem with her being beautiful, it can be inspiring, but a main character in an american movie cannot loose her good looks because she wouldn't be a positive survivor anymore,a role-model, people wouldn't want to associate themselves with her anymore. they just wouldn't be happy with the movie. its okay to withstand mental and even physical pain, but if you end up looking ugly its not cool anymore. they don't want to hear such thing.

Day Night Day Night seems like it could be an interesting, different type of a film. but, with americans behind it, i am always pessimistic, can they handle such a topic without clich├ęs and stereotypes and pointing fingers? we will see.

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