May 19, 2007

my last night sucked ass. i feel like i barely slept, because i was too hot or cold and sneezing and whatnot, just feeling very uncomfy. so much for all the 'easy' flus i always refer to. i still ain't a zombie like some people when they get sick, the talk about laying in bed for a week feeling half-dead is yet strange to me. and i hope it stays that way. i'll just medicate myself and keep my mood high. i would've had work tomorrow so i called in sick, it doesn't feel like this is going anywhere by tomorrow.

F left to his golf course in the morning and i am to wait and take care of myself. i think i'll have a shower to feel more fresh and then moisturize myself all over, i feel like the flu dehydrates me as well! the whole world is against me! this is war! mutta Kollaa kestää!

maybe i could empty and fill the dishwasher today??

yesterday i finally got fed up of the gothic nails and took it all off and tried on the bright pink on its own. in real its almost neon, 80s anyone? at least i feel all summery with them.

*listening to Don Johnson Big Band: Island Girl*

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