May 31, 2007

the new issue of Adbusters arrived today. after pondering over my lipgloss for a long time in the morning it was pretty refreshing to take my mind off elsewhere and read the latest in the leftist anti-consumerism front. i'm not sure if Adbusters is available anywhere in Finland...but it should be. i read an article on the state of journalism these days...well we all know its biased and bs and censored and all that, but the article was a good read and directed me to check out al jazeera's news feed on their website. i'd heard good things about the channel, a lot, but this sparked a whole new interest. on another note, i found out afghan women try to kill themselves with (setting themselves on) fire, interesting... major differences in suicides methods depending on culture/location. there is an interesting article on my pet peeve as well, the israel thing... concentrating on the lobbying of Israel in the US and how its so overwhelming and perhaps works even against the national interest in all its force. Jimmy Carter apparently wrote a book handling the palestine/israel subject and US politics, called 'Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid'. i'm thinking i could check it out. all in all great articles, Canadian peacekeeping, critical art from China...

anyway, here's the al jazeera live stream. the channel is available in finland, through the cable at least.

someone asked me am i a programmer cos i use textpad. wtf, its a text editor like any fuckin notepad, only better? or is there a programmer inside-thing i don't know about? i probably wouldn't know about it since i'm not a programmer.

one of tshirthell's new shirts; "i use my huge dick to compensate for my shitty car"

i saw a bit of this 'extraordinary breastfeeding' on tv last night. slightly disturbing.

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