May 30, 2007

the grilling experience was alright, i liked the people and the baby was cute. but afterwards i was exhausted and pretty much fell asleep when we got home. i feel like i haven't been home in ages, like really 'been'. i just go there, pick stuff and leave. maybe sleep in between. and tonight i bet i'll be tired too, and i have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning so i have to wake up at like 7 again... and i'm going for sushi lunch with muuli in the noon/afternoon... and from 4:30pm on there's a company party thing, for those working part-time. a yearly thing with some arranged program (splatter war last year) and eating and drinking. i'm skeptical about the arranged stuff but parties with this bunch of people are usually guaranteed very good.

i was just asked if i want some more responsibility at work... its just one day really, but after i've learned all the necessary stuff and handled it, theres always the option of doing it again. i wouldn't mind some change, not to mention learning something new. i've accepted the fact though that working part-time leaves you with much less choice of work you can do, and mostly its B-class stuff like this. everything has its its advantages and disadvantges... this is a prettygood deal atm. having prioritized photography as most important in my life its not a problem to have a meaningles job to pay the rent, but getting older i think i'll have to come up with other solutions anyway. maybe later this year or next year.

now that F works in the other department, occasionally we exchange emails about work stuff which is interesting to say at the least. what tone to use... i figure i don't have to filter my sarcasm and bitchiness as much.

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