May 29, 2007

we made a huge set of sushis last night, so now we got sushi lunchboxes at work. pretty damn tasty but healthy as well, i am happy with myself. but so much for healthy, after work we're going to see F's friends and grill something, they got a kid and a family thing going on. in fact, its scary to notice that pretty much all of F's friends are married and many have kids too. live in the suburbs and so forth. well he's 29, that *could* be just normal. but i'm 27 and almost all of my friends are single and live in the city, alone. a couple are dating and Marianne is getting married this summer. i don't think that in 3 years everyone i know will have a family. so how does one explain this?? i think its very scary. i'm not so accustomed to that family life style...and i don't see it happening for me anytime soon. i'm pretty involved in my 'own' thing. but anyway, the way that F seems to have befriended couples only, and i singles, IS odd. how does that affect thinking? and life?

well, now i have to plan how much i let myself get tanned this summer. traditionally the answer has been FUCK NO. but since last year things have changed quite a bit.... i could just go all the way with the tenerife-joke and get tanned and stuff... but i do really like the fair skin color. with a pale skin the minus is you can see veins throug in places and generally everything shows off really well which makes the color less even. i dunno.

an interview i did a while ago was published today, and based on the .ro address i think thats in romanian. its a bit embarrassing but i don't remember what that was about really, some art website... :)

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