May 04, 2007

someone sent me a link to this youtube video. it is described to be possibly 'sexually offensive'. so i was expecting good stuff. but i wanted to yawn. the girls are hot, thats nice, but it leaves me totally cold, theres nothing of interest for me there.

Jarmo Björkqvist, who killed his wife, gives marital/relationship advice on the side of his published confession, here (in finnish). well, sounds good, i don't see any reason to not take his advice seriously, if u fail perhaps you know what you failed at? he seems fairly smart in his writing, very calm. i like how he refers to having 14 years of good marriage with Paula, his wife. except for Paula it seems to have been 13,5 years. well, yes.

my day off was first spoiled by the mailwoman who brought me some eBay stuff, Clinique make up foundation and such, and then i had to get up for my tattoo appointment. not that both weren't worth waking up but its important that i get enough sleep. so tomorrow i'm going to take it back and sleep as long as i fuckin want. tonight i plan to relax and watch a Beck movie on tv at 2am and then maybe i could watch Scrubs or something. and relax. i should work on photos.

my timing for the star tattoo was perhaps not the best possible because for the first 2-3 weeks i should be real careful so it heals well. if i could wear summer sandals and shoes it'd be plenty easier... if it doesn't heal properly, it just gives out color and i have to go back have it fixed. its included in the price but hey i'd be happy if i didn't have to run back and forth with this one as i have with the previous. speaking of which, i had the Memento Mori-tattoo polished a bit too, just some tiny things, closed some gaps between the letters. i think NOW its done :) 4th time is the charm...err. because of scar tissue developed in it, you can feel the tattoo, as if it was braille :) i think its considered a negative thing in tattoos, and i coul imagine that if you had a big picture its not cool if you can feel it, but with writing such as this i think it fits. and if i turn blind i can still 'see' my tattoo and be reminded of my mortality. here it is, finalized;

oh hey, one of my favorite artists finally has his music online;
Nuria is yet another band of seems that whatever he does, i like it, names of the bands he plays in merely changes. Rewind Replay is a must-hear, totally beautiful, hits me hard.

an email i received a couple days ago (noticed now);

"> Hello Jenni, my name is Diana (from Spain) and I’m studding the last
> year of Psychology.
> I’m doing my thesis on Borderline Personality Disorder and artistic
> expression, I love your work and it’s a great inspiration for me and my
> thesis. I want to specify that I’m not saying that you have any
> psychological problem, I’m far of thinking that. Please, excuse my
> English but it’s a long time that I can’t practice with anybody…
> I just think that people have a lot of things in their minds and we must
> find a way to free those things... Art it’s liberation for me.
> I would like to question you about it.
> Thank you."

well, as i replied to Diana, i am happy to reply any questions, but if that is the topic of thesis i wonder if how could i be of help? she says she doesn't think i have psychol. problems, but if so, what is my function, to prove you don't need those issue to be expressive? i don't know. maybe i DO have a borderline personality disorder! who knows. i just don't feel that way. by the way, check out this bunny! SO BUSTED! and to add, this is not the first time that i am approached by a student studying something related to mental issues(+arts) and they want to interview me. wtf. maybe i do seem insane. is that a compliment?

i've lost my MAC lipglass, the classic, the clear one. it wasn't just any lipgloss, it was very special to me. like a basic item, and with sentimental value, i got it from Saks Fifth Avenue N.Y. :( not to mention i fuckin need it! grr. now i have to buy another one. MAC is not available in finland which is why this is especially annoying, even if with the internet and all its not hard to get one anyway.

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