May 09, 2007

suddenly i want more piercings i think. then again, i dunno. i'm in a confused state of mind. i'm thinking of the possibility of switching jobs later this year. stuff like that.

i got these go-go boots last night. i think there's a chance they might not fit but they are so cute i gotta give it a try.

tonight Nuria is playing in Cafe Kappeli, i'm dragging him with me. Arttu might come as well, and in that case they'd finally meet each other. and my problems dwell around 'what to wear'. i am tired and uninterested really. my pink toenails are staring at me from below and asking "what's up??". maybe i just need caffein as usual?

on friday i'm taking him to see improvised theater. i've never been a fan of theatre or opera or anything alike but in canada i ended up seeing a lot of impro and appreciate it quite a lot. i think he'd make a great improviser, but i suppose he's not the type who wants to be on stage. anyway, i hope the show is good.

oh jesus, turns out i have to wake up around 9 on saturday. christ. it's my mom's birthday, hmm which reminds me i haven't got her a gift yet, but anyway, and i promised to go there. i could take the bus which is fuckin expensive and takes forever, or go with my stepfathers sister, she is driving there. but old people, they are always so fuckin early :( i just called her and they're leaving after 10 so i have to get there by then. so do i wake up early or spend my money on the bus? i think the first, i've spent all my money on eBay so i can't really afford anything else. which again reminds of the b-day gift i have to get. she wants a 3-egg boiler. fuck! why didn't i think of getting it from eBay! hmm, because they won't work in finland, british and american electrical standards and all that... okay nevermind then.

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