May 10, 2007

fuck, all the cheap flighst to Bali are gone! well i was never too picky about the destination to begin with but after i set my mind on Bali... well. too bad, my own stupidity, it's fuckin may already, these things have to be booked early. now i'm looking for alternative options, as long as its exotic and in Asia, i'm happy. wait, exotic and asia are the same thing. only thing is that Tokyo is out of the question, its expensive, that's another kind of vacation. i wanna do this really low maintenance trip, backpacking or close. fly to a city, hang out there for a few days and then go out in the jungle or something. Shanghai, Bangkok, Kathmandu, Peking... hmm, to think of it, i think maybe China shouldn't be included on the list. Vietnam, Nepal and wherever else.

i also found my mom a 3 egg boiler as she wanted, they seem to be a rarity but i got the last one from a home supplies store, a sample model. and i got her a digibox as i'd promised, from work. one that is stable and easy to use.

and, i won NHL team shirt in a sales contest of sort at work. i didn't think that day would come but hey, cool. i really wanted that shirt, too. i can pick my team and it is Montreal Canadiens of course :)

i have too little free time. these coming days and week.

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