May 25, 2007

today i wore my new starry shoes with black jeans to work, kind of an official opening of the summer. and then discussed with a co-worker, also wearing summer sandals to work, how annoying it is that the feet get blistered as soon as you step into those shoes and then the whole summer is just blisters and scrapes after one another.... not easy being a girl! and yes i am sarcastic. i usually am but why bother mention it. if and when blisters and dry skin are the biggest problems in your life, things are really well. and i do know how to appreciate that. it wasn't and isn't always like that.

i changed the 'who is who' column a bit. i linked something to everyone, except for Tony he is in Thailand i have to ask him about it when he gets back. and i added some descriptions of people as well.

i want to get F one of these 'parasta juuri nyt' shirts. meaning 'the best right now', more less. referring to yourself or anything else. you could think of it as a product expiry date as in 'this is best before...' and in this case this is best right now. or whatever it is that you're doing or wherever you are, it is the very best at the moment. a modern way to say 'carpe diem' i guess? anyway very positive, i like it.

i tried listening to Lacuna Coil. seriously. i gave it a chance. but no fuckin way. not my thing.

speaking of trying music i finally got Arttu to upload Korpi Ensemble on so now anyone can listen to the full songs.

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