June 28, 2007

at a quarter past 12 i'm considering packing because i need to leave to the airport in a few hours. the good thing is, some of my stuff is still packed from last weeks trip, i'm very lazy unpacking my things. i'm wondering how much i could afford to spend in UK... shopping makes me happy so easily. oh and fuck, i need to change currency, fuckin brits don't use euros. lets see if the accent has an affect on me. i remember it did last time, i spent about a week in London and my american accent turned severely british if just for a while. i catch accents really easy, whether i want it or not i think.

i've managed to set up some meetings, well rather just discussed a few people about meeting up, but so thats cool, its much nicer than strolling the streets alone.

oh, how could i forget i have my portable video player...its like one of the best things i got. i've been wondering how to spend my 3 hours on the plane....DUH! *downloads Scrubs episodes and movies on it*

i don't remember the PIN-codes for my credit and visa electron cards... so if they want that in the UK as in France etc... i'm fucked. i DID draw some cash from ATM yesterday and will actually repeat that at the airport because i think i've had a enough of being broke just because of the damn codes... and there are always those retarded places that don't even accept a card...

"In a world of compromise, some don't"
i like the line, even if it is the slogan of gun manufacturer Heckler&Koch.

AtlantaBondage blog featured me.

at 1:30pm i'm still considering packing...

*listening to Roxy Music: More Than This*

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