June 30, 2007

i'm staying with Susanna and Marianne until sunday at least. might go to a hostel then for the 2 nights. yesterday i did so much shopping it felt like work. especially after Primark that has an airport check-in line type queue to cashiers. and now i also have the problem of how to pack everything in my bag to take home? uncomfortable idea because i don't see it workin out. here are some of my finds tho.

Marianne and Susanna said my collection is a bit pink-heavy... i dunno...

new slippers. transparent quite clearly (pun intended).

Marianne at her workplace. note the Colin-wall.

after the long shopping day i had set up a meet with Jamie. we went to a tiny burlesque style bar that played really old jazzy and blues type of stuff. and then got a bottle of vodka and orange juice from the grocery store and stumbled over to river Thames. sat there by the Millennium Eye and chilled. after which he walked me 'home'.

today is the party-day and i need to get ready. i was thinking of going shopping on monday again but i don't know how the fuck... my tiny luggage will disagree :(

and i seriously need to concentrate, i keep getting *almost* hit by cars as they come from the wrong fuckin direction :(

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