June 21, 2007

blogging about clothes and other purchases is extremely superficial. but i'm not worried about seeming superficial, as for a part i am in all honesty and theres nothing wrong with that, and for those who don't see or want to see anything else about me (in real life), its not my loss. my daily things, like shoppings, are something i am interested in reading about a year from now or later. so 'diary' would be an appropriate word. except, it would be nice to read about other things too, deeper thoughts and feelings, but i wonder how many of those that write under their real name, do that. theres the possibility of writing faceless, anonymous, and spilling everything out. or writing as yourself and having to filter shit. and the amount of filters...oh no :( its probably slightly different for everyone, but the filters we have work more less automatically i think. there's the friends-filter which is very small, the relatives-filter (incl mom and dad and all, even if they don't even use the computer but...), the co-worker and employer-filter, the F's friends and relatives-filter, the friends of my friends which i write about -filter, and so forth... after all that filtering, theres not a lot i feel i can say honestly or examine in depth. i think there are people who write with their real name and don't filter as much, but at least some them don't because they live in the hope and under the assumption that those who shouldn't read the things, never will. they could be right, but its risky, how could you ever fuckin know? anything that is on the internet is public and might come back to you some day.

and without further blah blah blah... this is what i got from Tuuri Village shop. (#2 in sales in the country, a store in the middle of fuckin nowhere)

a shirt and army style shorts from Esprit. the shorts are great, very soft but thick material, ideal for traveling and stuff i believe.

pink/grey back pack :) i don't own a small back pack so it was time.

here is the shop, the original village shop front and a slight extension to the back... and beneath is the backside of the building, Hotel Onnen Tähti. i think its weird only the facade is a castle...

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