June 21, 2007

so we got back from the trip earlier because we couldn't get the electricity to work in the RV. in the end i dunno if its such a big of a deal as we always found a shower somewhere and the nights are light... but it was nice to just take it easy and drive back without hurry. on the way back we stopped by at F's brother and parents. turns out the brother lives right next to Tampere and i later realized i had written 'who the fuck lives in Tampere' the other day. err.

someone in front of me.

3am. people are chilling.

Tori Amos.

at Apulanta's gig

saturday morning. or noon. or early afternoon.

Risto. our favorite band. "HUH HUH nimittäin ihan mielettömät fiilikset... ai mistä? no susta"


appetizers in Hotel Rantakalla restaurant

hotel computer....?! "OLOLOLOL...."


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