June 11, 2007

confusing times. i'm still considering that apartment buying thing... its such a new idea it takes some getting used to. plus i'm not sure how viable the idea really is. and i am motivated in decorating my home and such, but then i think to myself, why get new shit if i might be moving at some point. you never know when you might have to move though, and most stuff can fit the new home as well. but i'm not sure.

and last night i realized that going on a trip by myself, doesn't only mean that i am going on a trip by myself, but its also time away from F. assuming we are still together at the time. its been pretty intense so a month or more would be a really long separation. but what can you do, the world is out there, i need to see it....

o_O work day over. its really easy lately, its so quiet. i get to do my own things. i found a Chanel lipstick in my purse, one i just got from eBay, just wanted to try it on, its kind of dark hazy purple, and my boss immediately commented that i look very different. i haven't used dark shades in ages, and i feel bad about that, i'd like to be more versatile with lip make up.

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