June 10, 2007

i'm now thinking i could go to Australia instead of Brazil, later in the year. and in dA i asked if anyone is interested in joining me, as far as i know, any of my friends/acquintances cannot/aren't interested in this. mostly can't. thats what you get for being a good adult and committing to a job and career! i also called Jaska and he might be interested in taking the train in Vietnam, going all the way from the north to the south (Hanoi-Saigon). it s a famous trip and a lot to see on the way so i might be interested. they're in the same part of the world so i might be able to do both? i don't know.

F's twin brother had indeed some identical expressions and manners to F. heh. and the little girl was admittedly cute, i see why F and everyone else are so fond of her. she like 3 or 4 or whatever... but says all these adult things and is straight forward which i like. but kids are. only when we become adults we get so fuckin caught up in how we act and what we say. then again i still have some trouble with that and say things too direct oftentimes.

i think i might be getting ill again. after the flu, i never stopped coughing. and since today my throat is sore too. i might go see a doctor tomorrow morning, its getting a little annoying. i'm tired too, i need to go to sleeeeeeep.

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