June 09, 2007

Tiitta is travelling, so i'm feeding her kitties. i just have to go once a day and make sure the little darlings are okay :) last night after work and kitty check-up F and i went out with co-workers...didn't stay too late or get too drunk - good. i had work 8:45am this morning. we were sitting in the Aussie Bar early on, i think its an international restaurant chain... where aussies go work. not sure how they arrange it really, especially if they only stay a while, work permits and all that, has to be pretty organized.

a customer cancelled their TV channel service because Kimi is doing so bad in Formula1. needless to say, the channel package was showing the F1 qualifications. this is how supportive finns are! :)

i might be meeting F's twin brother today, and his family, incl the little girl who had her birthday a couple weeks ago (whose birthday present was everything else but nicely wrapped). F adores her so i'm interested. not to mention such close family, maybe he looks almost the same? does he talk the same? have similar behavioral patterns??

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