June 05, 2007

i was just wondering here what to see in Mumbai as well as the rest of it all. where to go from there? how many places can one check out in 2 weeks? of course, anyplace is worth months of studying but if we don't get quite that specific...like, how much can you travel and still get a reasonable idea of a place... ? i think 3? Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur and Bali perhaps? and some traveling on the island of Bali itself. at the party last week it turned out the department boss himself has been to Bali like last year. i guess its the new tenerife i.e. lametourist trap. but, palm trees here i come! are there palm trees in south east asia? *googles* anyway, i asked around in dA for local peeps and found one already! so we're not alone :)

hmm, i got another issue of Adbusters. this time the international version. the one i got like last week was UK version. well despite the very good articles i was kinda pissed at that, as far as i know i ordered the international/north american one. sending me several different copies is weird in any case... and yet i cannot complain :P

got this email from someone named Dominique, here's the beginning of it.
"hey there.

I love your pictures. They're help me out of my deepest depressions. --"
i never thought my photos would cause depression, nor affect it in any way. but to help out of it?? i dunno what to say. whatever works for u :P i thought its positive anyway.

i heard of Sebastian too, he had been accepted in school, its this prison thingy... he works as a guard in one but now he'll get the proper education for it and can hold office. plus hes gotten engaged :)

today was so sunny and warm... with my skirt and pink flip flops i felt summer 110%. after work we went to a park, just to hang out and enjoy the moment, seize the day. and we set strict rules to the relationship. "if you would attend a party where everyone kissed everyone else, would it be okay to kiss everyone or at least those of the same sex, assuming you're not both at the party?" etc. lets see how that works out in the long run.

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