June 06, 2007

this domino-styled phone is pretty sweet...
design work by Syntes studio, Stockholm.

neat e-cards.... someecards.com "when u care enough to hit send"

hot :D
this emergency contact-card was seriously romantic. and in some weird way i like this met someone you had sex with-card too. yay-card. and the always current coworker -card. i think i'll print this workplace rampage-card on the wall of my cubicle... and what a great drinking themed card, fits finns perfectly, communicates the deepness of the friendship but is not too soft or too obviously emotional. all these flirting themed cards are awesome, but this google-card fits my google/dating related post (from like yesterday) perfectly!! if i was flirting with someone, i'd SO send that one, well, if it'd fit that is. nicely direct flirty fuck buddy-card. and a card for flirty (wanna be) bloggers too, very nice in fact, i find this mellow and friendly. very direct and brisk encouragement card, i could think of a person or two to send this to. this encouraging work related card belongs on my cubicle wall as well, i actually do find it kind of positive and supportive. ah, a very useful after a night out-card for friends and loved ones, i bet this one is practical. and, i sent this friendship-card to Kev. he dared to ask what could i do to help him... uhhuh...think twice, i think i could think of something to take their mind elsewhere. now that is friendship!

" You loved the way
It used to be

The way you are

You and me

You came too late

You left too soon

Just like the rings

Around the moon

We had it all

You let it go

You wanted more

We had it all

You gave it up

You wanted more"

A-Ha : You Wanted More

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